Sunday, July 1, 2007

Art and Soul - Mebane, NC

Steve's Thoughts

For our first gallery we went to Mebane, to Art and Soul Studios. Every time we go to Mebane there seems to be more on Clay Street. (Composite image of the North side of Clay St is from Lance McCord's Flickr photostream. Art and Soul is on the left, large white sign above door, to the left of the silver pickup truck.)

The gallery is beautiful, intimate, and arranged so you could easily imagine the artwork in a home. It is small enough to invite lingering over pieces, and most reward you if you take your time and look closer. The colors and lighting make it an uplifting place in any season, but I imagine it's particularly good for the soul on a winter day. Everything is lovely and pleasant, from the owners to the clearly marked prices and information on artists and pieces.

Cindy Champion, one of the owners, was charming, friendly, and full of information about the artists and the artwork. No sales pressure - Cindy knows that falling in love with an artwork can take time, maybe several visits. While we were there, in fact, a customer came in laughing and saying that she was back again; she just had to have that piece and she was ready to buy it today. Her purchase, and ours, were carefully packaged for their journeys home.

The gallery features artists as well as showing work by a group of regulars, and pieces purchased from local potters, jewelers and glass blowers. The image to the left is the postcard for the current show.

Kaisa's Thoughts

Upon entering, I noticed that the lighting was done nicely, and with some unusual lights, too, not just your average white gallery lights. The interior was cozy and welcoming, and drew you further into the space. The artwork was displayed attractively, with individual artist work spread all around the gallery, not all clumped up together. The walls were a warm shade of yellow, which set off the artwork favorably.

The pottery displays were particularly interesting, with adjacent pieces setting each other off. One thing I particularly liked was the red bowl with the two green earrings hanging on the edge, which set off the red in the bowl and the green in the earrings marvelously.
It was a restful, peaceful, place, and I'd love to go back again.

Of note right now (some of these will get separate posts):

T E Davis - hand crafted furniture from aged red cedar and other materials
Susan Hope - fused glass panels and jewelry
Caroline Kelly (was Kellogg) - watercolor florals in luminous pinks and yellows
Andria Linn - acrylic paintings - abstracted florals
Jude Lobe - acrylic paintings - landscapes, florals
Sudie Rakusin - whimsical pen and watercolor illustrations and tiny multi-media pieces
Miriam Sagasti - acrylic paintings - colors and images from Central and South America
Steve Schafer - brilliantly colored raku pottery and soft, muted abstracts
David Sovero - acrylic absractions - a series inspired by a pottery opening at Art and Soul
Pringle Teetor - blown glass

Art and Soul Studios

122 W Clay Street, Mebane, NC - 919-563-2300 -

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